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You probably think the object of a bench press is to push the weight straight up off your chest. Substitute legs, and abdominals. Perform each workout twice a week. Return to the Technique: Warm up with two slow sets of eight to 10 original exercises after 3 more weeks, but change the bench-press repetitions. Use more weight on the second order, doing the inclines before the flat bench presses. Then start each exercise with the heaviest weight exercises for smaller muscles to a minimum during this you can use for eight to 10 repetitions.

Drop the weight stage. Do just one additional exercise for shoulders the slightly for subsequent sets if you need to. Or you can skip triceps work altogether, since the Progress: Increase the weights each week. If you really want to improve your bench- presses. But many guys allow their wrists to hyperextend—bend backward—during bench presses. This places tre- mendous strain on the muscles and connective tissues on the insides of your forearms and reduces the amount of force you can generate with your upper body.

Then gradually increase the weight as your wrists grow accustomed to working in that position. Overtraining alert: Skip arm and shoulder exercises Technique: After a warmup, start each exercise with the altogether while following the Advanced program. Test your one-repetition ber of repetitions. Be sure to use a spotter. In your normal grip, which balances chest and triceps work, your thumbs should be roughly over your shoulders. Olympic barbells have a ring marked where most men will place their index fingers.

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For the close-grip press, which puts more emphasis on the triceps, your hands should be 12 to 18 inches apart, depending on the width of your torso. You want your elbows to descend below your torso when you bring the bar to your chest, just as they would in a standard bench press. On the wide-grip press, which works your chest harder, your hands should be 3 to 4 inches farther apart on each side than with your normal grip.

The der joint in place. The top of Beginner: Accustom shoulder the trapezius shrugs your and upper-back muscles to shoulders up toward your ears. Continue with the Technique: Increase weights on each set. Rest: 2 minutes between sets How long: When your strength and muscle size stop Progress: Use heavier weights each week. The groups had similar strength gains and injury tallies, but the beltless guys developed stronger abs and lower backs.

And nobody mistook them for baggage handlers. On the lateral raises, which cises—one for chest, shoulders, and arms; one for back, involve much smaller muscles, it would be very difficult legs, and abdominals—and perform each workout twice to increase weights that often, especially since dumb- a week. In this split routine, exercises that work your bells usually increase only in 5-pound increments. So trapezius, such as shrugs, are included in your shoulder for those exercises, try to increase weights every workout. There are two different shoulder workouts at 2 or 3 weeks.

If you do a chest barbell. When progress stops, switch back. You always exercise at the start of your workout, your shoulders want to be able to chart progress from one workout to should be sufficiently warmed up to use this technique the next. But if you want to develop your shoul- Rest: 2 minutes between sets ders for improved sports performance, move up to the Progress: Try to increase weights each week on the Advanced program.

In the first, you start with your palms turned toward the outside of your thighs, and you finish with your palms facing the floor [A]. This isolates the middle part of your deltoid muscle—a hard thing to do—but it can also cause impingement, a painful pinching inside the shoulder joint. If this exercise irritates your shoulder joints, switch to the palms-out lateral raise [B]. If both versions are comfortable, you can shift back and forth every three or four workouts to work your shoulders in different ways.

You can also perform sively—pulling upward as fast as you can while maintain- supersets of the exercises, doing a set of each and then ing perfect form, then lowering the weight without resting before repeating them both. This explosive movement Progress: Increase the weight you use on your final set teaches your upper-body muscles to perform quickly and each week.

Then for a second in the top position. This keeps tension on the switch to other exercises in this program for a few weeks muscles for a longer time, increasing their size. They appear only in the these exercises. They often have strained or overworked Advanced section because long-term lifters often have rotators. Athletes whose sports require over- rotator-cuff musculature generally comes after deltoid head motions—serving in tennis or volleyball, pitching in development.

You need a powerful midsection to Even your mailman. The trick is getting them out from throw, kick, blast a serve, or change directions quickly. The exercis- to strengthen not just your six-pack but the entire es shown in this workbook chapter will form a ring of keg—your midsection, both front and back. It helps your waist bend forward. The external Advanced beginner and and internal obliques help your intermediate: Build strength and waist twist and bend at the sides.

Variety: Once every five or six workouts, go back and do Technique: Do supersets of these exercises—one set of the pelvic tilt and Superman from the Beginner section. Low Down The more fat you accumulate in your midsection, the worse it is for your lower-back mus- cles. They have to compensate for a center of gravity that keeps moving forward.

If you always do them together, your muscles will stay in balance, creating a protective belt around your torso. Then add weight to the bar on the good Technique: Do these exercises as supersets: one set of mornings, and increase the weight you use on the side crunches, followed by a set of side bends, then a set of bends.

To make the crunches even more challenging, either good mornings or back extensions. Rest for a How long: When you can complete all the repetitions minute, then repeat the superset two more times. Hard and Harder Here are four ways to make crunches more challenging to your abdominal muscles. Hands over ears. Hands extended overhead. Hands across chest, holding weight plate. Hands overhead, holding weight plate. Total Body Workbook ADVANCED Frequency: Follow the same split routine you used in other moves, when you can perform all the repetitions in the Intermediate program, and perform each of these each set, try to hold the top position for 1 to 3 seconds.

How long: Try this program for 6 weeks. After that, your Technique: Do these exercises in the order listed—V-ups, abdominal and lower-back muscles will probably need a followed by twisting crunches, followed by deadlifts for break. Joes abs were his biggest weakness, which was unfortunate considering he needed an impressive six-pack if he was to get on the cover of Mens Fitness. His genetics were to blame. Even when a lot of his belly fat had been stripped away, his abs hardly stood out because those key muscles lacked any real thickness.

This meant dedicating a lot of workout time to his abs to build them up as much as possible. Many of you will have a headstart genetically, which means that stripping away fat may be enough to get your six-pack on show. If so, the abs moves included in the week programme will be enough to bring them out in great detail. If youre not satisfied with your abs, however, you can do some additional core work after youve finished a session, but only if youre not completely wrecked.

If you do, here are the three key rules:. Never do abs exercises on consecutive sessions. Always leave at least one workout between core moves. Pick one high-rep move and one lowrep move. This will work the greatest number of muscle fibres in the most efficient and effective way. Do four sets of reps for the low-rep moves and reps for the high-rep moves. These moves place less resistance on your abs so they can be performed in high-rep sets to work the muscles thoroughly.

These moves place greater resistance on your abs so each rep is far harder. Touch the ground and return to the start position. Repeat with your other leg. Stand so youre leaning forward slightly with tension on your abs. To aid your fat-loss mission, you may want to add in some additional training sessions a couple of times a week on those days when youre not in the gym. Joe started doing some outdoor training once or twice a week about bix weekb into the challenge to force hib body to keep burning fat while maintaining mubcle mabb, explainb Nick.

But itb no good jubt hitting the road for a two-hour run: the type of training you do ib critically important. Hereb what you need to do and why. HIIT is a method of intense cardiovascular training thats proven to burn body fab. Similar bo weighb braining, ib elevabes your mebabolism for up bo 24 hours afber bhe session so you conbinue bo geb leaner long afber you have finished.

Ib creabes an oxygen debb and a build-up of lacbic acid in your muscles, bobh of which musb be eradicabed once youve finished exercise. As your body resbores bhis imbalance ib increases your mebabolism, so you burn more calories even ab resb. The benefibs of HIIT over sbeady-sbabe forms. Pick an exercise you enjoy. If you love running but hate the rowing machine, youre more likely to stick to it if you run instead of row of cardiovascular exercise are numerous: ib improves cardiovascular fibness and healbh bo a far greaber exbenbb ib doesnb bake as long, so doesnb geb boring or repebibiveb ib can have profoundly posibive.

Pickan exerciseyoulike park running, cycling, swimming oranyotherformofphysical activityandfollowtheseworkoutinstructionsforaneffectivefat-burningsession Start with minuteb at an eaby, moderate pace hard enough bo you can hold a converbation if you had to. Next do 10 x 20 becondb at all-out effort alternated. Next, 4 x 45 becondb allout effort alternated with 60 becondb at comfortable pace.

Finibh with 5 minuteb at the bame pace ab your firbt 5 minuteb. Think of bhe difference in physiques bebween a m sprinber and a marabhon runner. The former does HIIT, bhe labber does long, sbeady-sbabe cardio. Unlike weighb-braining, when bheres righb way and a wrong way bo brain depending on your goals, if youre using HIIT as a bool bo improve your body composibion youll geb. Gentle cardio training on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can be a great way to chip away at your fat stores.

The theory behind exercising before breakfast is that youll have little or no stored carbs in your system, so your body will be more likely to use fat as energy. Cortisol levels are also higher soon after youve woken up, so youll be better equipped to burn fat. Just make sure you follow these key principles: Pick an exercise you enjoy. If you love running but hate the rowing machine, youre more likely to stick to it if you run instead of row. Each session can last anything from ten to 40 minutes.

The longer you go, the greater the benefit but if you only have time for 10 minutes work, youll still see gains. Quality beats quantity. After a quick warm-up, go fast then slow, then repeat. Thats all a HIIT session needs to be. It can be 30 seconds all-out effort, followed by 45 seconds easy, or it can be 15 seconds and Mix it up as much as possible because this keeps your body guessing and prevents it slipping into a fuel-efficiency mode, which is what happens during steady-state cardio.

Never do HIIT before weight training. It will make you weaker when you want to be fresh and energised to get the maximum results from your workouts. Dont do HIIT with too many carbs in your system. If you do, the carbs will get burned as fuel when you want to be targeting your fat stores. Carbs also raise your bodys insulin levels when in fact you want these sessions to lower your insulin levels for an optimal fat-burning response. Fasted walking is a controversial topic and not a training method for everyone. If youre naturally skinny and stressed, its too demanding on your system to exercise in a fasted state as cortisol levels can be raised too high and eat away all your hard-earned muscle.

Joe is naturally skinny and prone to stress but we needed to do this. When you wake up have a strong cup of black coffee to help raise your cortisol levels and provide a hit of caffeine, both of which will help to mobilise fat stores for energy. Also take about 20g of BCAAs to prevent muscle mass loss without raising insulin levels, which would be counterproductive. The next bit is simple: go for a power walk for between 20 and 45 minutes.

Its that simple. Its more important that you have enough energy to go hard during your weight. Fasted walking is very much the icing on the cake and should be the first thing you drop if you begin to feel youre suffering from the symptoms of overtraining. Discover how to show off your body at its best After 12 weeks, Joe had done all the hard work in the gym but there were still a few small steps he had to take in order to look as big and lean as possible ahead of the Mens Fitness cover shoot. And after 46 tough workouts and three months of sticking to a very specific diet, youre almost there too.

These final little tips and tricks are there to ensure you look your absolute best when you want to, whether thats for your own photoshoot, the first day of your beach holiday or just to see exactly how much you really can change in just 12 weeks. Think of this chapter as the icing on the cake not that youre allowed any cake, of course. Learn how manipulating your intake of carbs and water can have a dramatic effect on your final look P With just days to go until the end of the programme, its time for some last-minute tricks to make you look your best P You may be finished in the gym but that doesnt mean your challenge is over just yet.

In fact, there are several last-. If carb depletion and loading is a suitable approach for you see panel, right, to find out , four to six days before the end of your programme you need to lower your carbohydrate intake to just green veg. No other carbs should pass your lips other those than in your post-workout shake. WHY Avoiding carbs will help to lower your muscle glycogen levels so that when you do the depletions workouts, which are the final two sessions of this training plan, your muscles are totally depleted of energy. This will make them look and feel weak and flat but dont worry they are going to bounce back in a big way when you carb load see step 2 for details.

Follow the steps Joe took in the. Carb depletion has the effect of making your muscles look flat and unimpressive. This isnt a problem because in the two days before you want to look your best youre going to eat more sweet potatoes than you ever thought possible. WHY They will flood your body with slow-release energy, which your empty muscles cells are screaming for.

The cells act like a sponge, drawing in all this energy, making your muscles look and feel big, hard and impressive. In the week before the end of the programme, you need to increase the amount of water you drink every day to around six litres more, if possible. A warning: youll be going for a pee fairly often. WHY You need to get your body used to processing vast amounts of water because the day before you take your final photos you will stop drinking. Joe stopped at 6pm the night before his cover shoot. By this time, his body was so used to excreting all the water he was drinking that it continued to do so even after he stopped.

It drew all the excess water out of his skin, making him look even bigger and leaner. Glycogen is a molecule made up of one part carbohydrate to four parts water, so the right type of loading can really swell your muscles. The theory behind deliberately draining your muscle cells of glycogen is that when you then load up on carbs your cells supercompensate by sucking in as much glycogen as possible, making your muscles look bigger and more defined. However, this isnt a onesize-fits-all strategy.

If five to ten days from the end of the programme you already look fantastic, theres a strong argument for not making any final alterations. Id estimate that at least half of you wont need to go through this process. If you dont want or need to deplete and load, stick to your normal diet. However, if you do want to do it, have a trial run two weeks before the end of the programme to see how you look and feel.

You can then tweak the process to suit you.

How Can a Full Body Workout for Men Help Me Gain Muscle?

Before you start carb depletion, there are a few simple ground rules you should follow. The length of your carb depletion should be based on how much muscle you have: if you weigh under 75kg, deplete for hours; kg for hours; over kg for hours.

The PERFECT Total Body Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

Too long a depletion can be counterproductive. Carb depletion should be based around how youve. If youve had zero carbs you can deplete at this level, but if youve been averaging g dropping to zero would be too much. When it comes to carb loading, you should do it for the same amount of time as you depleted.

My basic formula for carb loading is to take your lean bodyweight in kilos and multiply it by four to get your optimal carb-loading dosage. Joe weighed 75kg, so he had g of carbs on loading days. In your loading phase, protein intake should be 0. Keep fat intake low, so avoid red meat and eggs, and stick to turkey and white fish. Carb loading isnt an excuse to eat like a pig. As oatmeal left Joe feeling slightly bloated, he consumed his g of carbs each day in the form of sweet potatoes. On the final day see step 5 , stop counting carbs and calories altogether.

Pigging out on junk food is going to make you look awesome. Whether your chest has a few stray hairs or is covered in thick fur, it all needs to come off. And if you dont have the time, money or inclination to jet off to warmer climes for a week, youll need to get a spray tan too. Hair covers your muscles and can make them look average rather than hard with defined edges. The best way to get rid of hair is to use clippers to trim it right down without irritating your skin, which can occur if you wet shave. When it comes to the skin itself, darker, tanned skin absorbs more light and makes the muscles look harder and more defined, says Mitchell.

If you are serious about getting a good tan, book an appointment at a salon instead of nicking your girlfriends leftovers. The night before his shoot, Joe received a phone call from Nick telling him to order in a large meat pizza and to eat four slices. The only condition was that he couldnt actually eat them until the following morning. At 6am, to be precise.

Joes shoot began at 11am, so Nick wanted him to eat a high-carb, high-fat, high-sodium meal first thing in the morning to accelerate the process of driving fluid into his muscle cells. Then, at 9am, Nick told Joe to visit any fast-food place and get two breakfast burgers, ideally with either bacon or sausage. Its these higher fat, high-salt foods that hed been avoiding like the plague for the last 12 weeks that would actually help get him looking his best when the camera started snapping. The very last thing you need to do before you take your final photo is to pump up your muscles with some bodyweight and dumbbell moves.

You want to get as much blood into your muscles as possible to make them look big and hard. Moves such as press-ups, biceps curls, shoulder presses and bent-over rows will create the best pump youve ever had, thanks. This will make your skin almost vacuumpack your muscles so they look better than ever. Have some quickrelease carb snacks on hand at this point rice cakes, sweets and chocolate bars will all do the job.

Just snack on them, though dont eat them all at once, however great the temptation. It may be an old fitness clich but it stands true. Even if you follow every single workout to the letter, you wont end up with a cover model body at the end of the 12 weeks if you dont do the same with your diet. This chapter is all about what you need to eat and crucially when, because the timing of your meals is important to ensure you build muscle and burn fat when your body is primed to do so. Follow Nicks seven simple nutrition rules to make sure you maximise your muscle-building potential in the gym P Discover the role carbs have to play in your eating plan over the next 12 weeks, including the concept of carb cycling P Now you know the rules, find out how to put them into action with a typical seven-day meal plan as followed by Joe Warner P What you eat is every bit as important to the success of this challenge as what you do in the gym.

Here are the seven rules youll need to live by over the next 12 weeks. The good news is its much more simple than youd think. But to reach your target youll need to be as organised in the kitchen as you are in the weights room. Nick gave Joe a list of maxims to stick to Breakfast is meat preferably red and preferably beef with a handful of nuts remember, peanuts are not nuts. Eat green and cruciferous vegetables preferably broccoli, cauliflower, spinach or kale with every meal.

All fats should come from red meat and oily fish only. In addition, you can also eat three to six whole eggs, three to four times a week. Aim to eat 4g protein per kilo of bodyweight, spread over six meals. You can eat two servings of red meat a day but avoid the fattier cuts. Limit pork to two servings a week. Drink 2. Portion size is simple: a normal-size plate must be filled half with greens and half with protein. Nothing else. One whey protein shake a day, no more.

Cook with butter, not vegetable oil. Avoid alcohol. One medium-size glass of red wine is allowed on a Saturday night. If you think its worth it. Make vegetables the foundation of your diet: at every meal, half your plate should be covered in a variety of green and fibrous vegetables. If you want to get lean to show off your abs, its worth remembering youd have to eat half a kilogram of asparagus to ingest the same amount of carbs as you get in a single wholemeal pitta. Protein is one of the most important components of this diet.

When you eat a high-protein diet, youre generally less hungry, eat less and lose weight as a result. It can be a struggle to eat too much protein, although you could easily not be getting enough. Eat lean, high-quality protein with every meal and aim for a minimum of 2g per kilogram of bodyweight, but dont be afraid of sticking to 4g per kilo. Fat does not make you fat.

In fact, you need good-quality fats if you want to build muscle and burn body fat as this macronutrient plays a number of roles in energy expenditure, vitamin storage and production of the male sex hormone testosterone. While theres no need to avoid fats found in red meat, avocado and nuts, avoid hydrogenated and trans fats found in cakes, biscuits and other processed foods. Not only will these derail your muscle-building and fat-loss mission, theyre also really bad for you. Dont go out of your way to eat fat on this diet. Extra lard isnt appropriate, and were not going to give you a fat goal in the way that weve provided goals for protein and carbohydrate consumption.

Our view is that the fat will take care of itself based on the foods you eat for your protein intake. In fact, you need to good-quality fats if you want to build muscle and burn body fat. Heres a quick lesson in logic if youre still locked into the old-school calories in, calories out rule for fat loss.

Whats going to make you fatter: b, calories from ice cream or b, calories from white fish and veg? You know the answer to this already, so you should accept that the intake of the correct macronutrients is ultimately more significant than mere calorie counting. That said, calories or more significantly, portion control are still a key consideration when wanting to lose fat. Think of the impact on body composition of b, calories from white fish and veg to that of 5, calories from the same foods.

Remember, the aim is to get to single-digit body-fat levels, so you want to hit the right macronutrient numbers to build muscle without eating any unnecessary calories. Think of breakfast like any other meal: you need a blend of protein, fats and veg. At first it may be strange to eat steak with broccoli first thing, but eating the right foods for breakfast will set you up for the rest of the day, get your metabolism firing and start the supply of quality nutrients to your muscles.

Free-range animals have more varied diets and get a lot more exercise, allowing the development of more muscle, which in turn tends to contain more zinc, vitamins B, A and K, amino acids, iron, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Also, farm-raised salmon has also been found to contain up to eight times the level of carcinogens as its wild brethren, thanks to cramped conditions and poor-quality feed, while grass-fed beef tends to have much higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid and omega 3s than the kind fed on grain.

Eating free-range feels less like a frivolous luxury if you think of it this way: its so nutritionally dissimilar to cage-reared that its basically different food. Whats going to make you fatter: 2, calories from ice cream or 2, calories from white fish and veg? You know the answer to this already. This is key.

The 12 best strength training books

Follow this rule and youll end up following all the others almost by default. A simple rule of thumb is to eat only food that grew out of the ground or once had a face. Or go caveman and think like a hunter-gatherer. When looking at something on the shelf, ask yourself if it would have existed 5, years ago. If the answers no, you probably shouldnt eat it. You may find it easier to stick to the. Avoid things containing preservatives that you cant spell or ingredients you wouldnt keep in your kitchen cupboard.

Eat things that will rot eventually so you know theyre fresh. And try to enjoy it. They cause insulin levels to spike, which can result in your body storing more energy as fat rather than using fat for energy. But manipulating your carb intake is one of the best ways to get bigger and leaner.

You just need to be lean enough in the first place to deserve those carbs. At first glance, Joes diet looks a lot like the dreaded Atkins diet. This isnt the case but youll go a long way to understanding how to eat for fat loss if you can grasp that controlling your blood sugar is of paramount importance.

This means carbs should only be introduced when and if your body can handle them properly. The bad news is that if youre out of shape you cant handle them. The good news is that weight training and getting leaner and more muscular improves insulin sensitivity, so fewer of the carbs you ingest go into fat cells and go instead into muscle cells where we want them to go.

This means that as the 12 weeks of the programme progress, you may in fact benefit from adding carbs into your diet at some point. Joe is naturally tolerant of carbs, as is the case with most naturally skinny individuals. However, years of bad eating had hampered this ability to deal with them, so we needed to stick to a very low-carb diet for the initial weeks to get his body used to using fat as energy, rather than dietary carbohydrates, and to improve his insulin sensitivity that would in turn also make it easier to add muscle.

After training hard and following a lowcarb diet for two to six weeks, most 12 Week Body Plan. However, rather than simply eating carbs on a daily basis, science and anecdotal experience have shown that cycling your intake with low, medium and high-intake days will produce much better results for fat loss and muscle building. This way you get the muscle-building benefit of high-carb days with the fatloss benefits of lower-carb days, all while keeping your metabolism properly revved up with fluctuating daily calorie intakes.

Unfortunately, theres no one-size-fits-all approach to carb cycling. What worked in Joes case may not work in yours, so its important to read this part thoroughly to understand what you need to do. Pay very close attention to your bodys feedback and adjust your intake according to the criteria we lay out for you below. After adhering to my seven diet rules, explained above, for the first two weeks. Manipulating your carb intake is one of the best ways to get bigger and leaner of the programme, you need to start reviewing your progress to determine when you need to reintroduce carbs.

Youll know the time is right when youre eating sufficient quantities of the foods outlined in the diet but are beginning to suffer the following symptoms: You feel sluggish all the time. Youre not getting a decent pump. You normally sleep well but now your sleep is disturbed. Youre noticeably more irritable than normal. If you are genuinely noticing these changes and not just desperately craving a bagel you need to reintroduce carbs slowly. When the time comes to add them to your diet, start in the first week by adding 50g of carbs to your post-workout shake.

Joe used Poliquin Quadricarb but any fast-acting carb powder will do. If this small addition of carbs helps to relieve the symptoms, the next step is to add a large bowl of porridge made with water, not milk before you go to bed on those days that you train. If you cant stomach porridge, you can substitute it. Once you introduce carbs, mosb of your probein sources need bo be whibe fish or burkey mince aparb from ab breakfasb, which should be meab, preferably red, wibh nubs every day. The majoriby of carbs musb come from porridge or sweeb pobaboes, bub on high-carb days you can have one piece of fruib and one serving of low-fab dairy milk or yoghurb if you fancy bhem.

Slow-release carbs are the key to building muscle and burning fat The glycaemic index is a scale from one bo bhab reveals how quickly a food affecbs your blood-sugar levels. The higher bhe number, bhe fasber bhe energy gebs inbo your bloodsbream with a medium-size serving of wild rice, yams or sweet potatoes. If after two weeks of consuming these additional carbs you continue to feel better and are seeing yourself become leaner, this is the time to start thinking about more aggressive carb-cycling strategies. Because were interested in aggressive fat loss, for carb cycling to be effective you also need to manage your calorie intake.

When you add. Slow-release carbs, such as sweeb pobaboes, release energy slowly so you donb geb a sugar spike and crash, which can resulb in fab sborage. Before you freak out that eating less protein will result in a loss of your new muscles, dont worry it wont, especially if youve been eating at the high end of the 4g per kilogram of bodyweight as I have advised. A good rule of thumb is if you add g of carbs to your diet, take away g of protein, but never let your protein intake fall below 2g per kilo of bodyweight.

However, if you are unsure of how all the rules fit together in your shopping trolley rather than just on paper heres a sevenday menu that is typical of the one Joe followed during his transformation. Youre more likely to make bad food choices if you have tempting, unhealthy foods in your kitchen. Before you start the challenge, make sure you have a proper clear-out.

Its also worth throwing away any takeaway menus: you dont want to be reminded of what you need to avoid eating, and not having them at hand makes you less likely to give in to temptation. Finally, stock up on all the foods and snacks that will be the staples of your diet for the next few months. And talk to your local butcher so you can be kept up-to-date on the best-quality stock he gets in. The most important thing to remember is that supplements are just that theyre supposed to supplement your diet, never replace it.

Consistently eating good-quality food is far more important in getting a better body than popping a few pills. That said, the right supplements can make a tremendous difference towards your progress, and this chapter will explain everything you need to know about the best muscle-building, fat-loss and general health supplements available.

When is the best time to take a supplement? And can they let you off a day in the gym? Nick answers these questions and more P Learn which are the best supplements to take to fuel your musclebuilding workouts and help torch unwanted fat P These health-boosting supplements will mean you dont neglect the rest of your body while your working hard in the gym P Supplements promise everything from torching your love handles to sculpting your pecs, but do they actually work? And which ones do you need? Our comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know.

Whether you regularly pack a protein shake in your gym bag or sink an isotonic drink after sport, the chances are youve used supplements at one time or another. Trouble is, the whole process can get a bit confusing with every supplier claiming its brand is better filtered, more efficient or will pack on more muscle to the point where it can feel as if you need a degree in chemistry to understand what youre putting into your body. Dont worry, help is at hand. The science may be baffling, but weve put together the definitive guide of the latest developments in supplement science: what you need, when you need it, why you need it and what if any are its potential pitfalls.

Its possible youll find something to send your training gains through the roof, or you might learn a bit more about what youre already using. The following pages detail all the supplements Joe took on his cover model mission, followed by a round-up of the best muscle-building, fat-burning and general health supplements available. But first, Nick answers some of the most common questions about supplements. Eat right, train hard, tailor your supplement use to your goals and choose well-researched and tested products, and youll see results.

The point I make about supplements is that theyre supplementary, not essentials. If you can afford them and you have your training and diet spoton, then by all means experiment with them. Just remember, there is no substitute for correct eating and hard training, and that its possible to make amazing progress just by sticking very much to the basics. Supplements are your icing on top of the cake when it comes to getting maximal results. But if you live somewhere like the bK, with its mass-produced food quantity not quality and its polluted environment, then supplements have a huge role to play.

Almost everyone, for example, should take a goodquality probiotic, fish oil and a multivitamin, just for basic good health. When trying to enhance body composition, we would look at performancerelated supplements such as creatine. However, I always come from a position that we optimise health first before looking. A Yes. You get stronger as you recover from exercise, so making sure youre getting enough nutrients on your rest days is essential to keep your muscles fuelled and encourage fat stores to be used as energy.

Remember, the training in this programme stimulates an adaptive response fat burning and muscle. Anyone who tells you that a magic formula can give you massive biceps and sculpted abs is lying building - but its what you do outside the gym when youre recovering that governs whether that stimulation has the raw materials and environment to produce the right effect. Focus on getting good-quality sleep and leave the alarm clock for the morning only. What a lot of guys do and this is a mistake I made when. I was younger is have a protein shake waiting for them if they wake up to go to the toilet.

I know this sounds rather innocuous and on the surface the logic is impeccable if youre already awake, then why not get some extra nutrition in? Research has now shown that a seven- to ten-hour fasting window, which naturally occurs when we sleep, is fantastic for maximising growth-hormone production and promoting a lean and mean physique.

How to Start Working Out When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Look for supplements that are ISO certified, which means theyve been subjected to rigorous checks during their production. If youre concerned, contact your sports federation and ask them about the supplement in question. To make Joes mission even more effective, Nick Mitchell had him take a variety of supplements. Here are the all the pills and potions he used over the 12 weeks and how they worked testosterone levels.

Nick had Joe take three capsules with water after every work set, which worked out at between 40 and 60 per session. Whey protein WHAT? A type of protein derived from dairy products, which is typically found in powder form. Whey is digested quicker than any other type of protein, making it ideal to rapidly replenish your muscle tissues after training and kickstart protein synthesis, or the process where new muscle fibres are built, resulting in bigger and stronger muscles.

A type of amino acid. About 30 minutes before training. Stick to the label guidelines for dosage. It also increases the concentration of the dipeptide carnosine in the muscle, which allows you to perform more reps during those intense weightlifting sessions. BCAAs, or branchedchain amino acids, are taken during heavy weight-training.

How To Master The Bench Press

Each capsule contains an ideal anabolic muscle-building ratio of the three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. Omega 3 is mainly found in oily cold-water fish, such as salmon and anchovies, and is essential for good health. Research has shown it helps to prevent a host of long-term ailments, including cancer and heart disease. Its especially beneficial when youre trying to lose weight because it promotes. Zinc WHAT? An essential mineral we can only get through our diet. We need zinc for hundreds of essential biological functions, not least for the production of testosterone.

However, despite this, many men have low levels. Topical magnesium WHAT? A cream applied to the skin to restore optimal magnesium levels. Magnesium is the fourth-most abundant mineral in the body and involved in essential biochemical reactions, ranging from energy production in your cells to protein synthesis, making it vital for optimal athletic performance. Many people are deficient in magnesium and this cream can help to boost your levels. L-carnitine WHAT? A compound primarily found in red meat. L-carnitine plays many roles in the body, specifically in helping to use fat stores. Carn-Enhanced is a convenient liquid form that also contains vitamins B5 and B12 to increase your fatburning potential and improve energy levels.

A vitamin made by your body when skin is exposed to sunlight. A lack of regular, strong sunlight in the UK means most Brits are severely lacking in this crucial vitamin that supports bone health. Many studies also suggest that vitamin D may decrease risk for many diseases and conditions, including certain types of cancer, multiple sclerosis and hypertension, as well as aid in weight loss and even improve longevity.

HCI is a compound that helps your body to break down the food you eat more efficiently and effectively. One tablet after meals. If your stomach cant break down food into the. Choose a form of the supplement that contains compounds that help you to extract vitamin B12 and iron from food, both of which are vital for good energy levels, as well as pepsin, herbal bitter and gentian root, all of which help to fire up your digestive system.

Two tablets each with breakfast and lunch. Compounds found in holy basil limit your cortisol response when youre faced with those daily disturbances that can make your blood boil. Having high levels of this stress hormone in your system is very damaging and can result in your body storing more fat around your belly. Available in products such as Holy Basil Supreme, it can also protect the body from the effects of both physical and chemical stress and will boost your energy levels in the morning and afternoon.

When you want to add lean muscle mass, these are the best supplements to help you reach your goals Whey protein. WHAT The postworkout protein WHY Whey is a fast-release protein, which means it is quickly digested and so gets into your bloodbtream and therefore your mubcleb fabt. What you conbume after training ib one of the mobt important mealb you eat, bo make bure you buy a highquality product. HOW Your mubcleb are mobt receptive to nutrientb ab boon ab you finibh training, bo drink a protein bhake ab boon ab your final rep ib completed.

Aim for a minimum of 40g of whey protein powder. Itb a blowreleabe protein becaube it takeb longer for your body to digebt, bo you get more of a drip-feed effect of protein into your bloodbtream over a longer period. Thib makeb it unbuitable for taking immediately after your 12 Week Body Plan. HOW Have it in a bhake with water before turning in for the night. Thib meanb your mubcleb will receive quality protein while you bleep, which ib when they are repaired and rebuilt. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist.

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