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The White Castle was first published in , though not available in translation until The sovereign was a sweet, red-cheeked child of a height proportionate to his few years. He handled the instruments as if they were his toys. Am I thinking now of that time when I wanted to be his peer and friend, or of another time much later, fifteen years later when we met again? I cannot tell; but I felt immediately that I must do him no wrong. Over time, all societies have suffered, one way or another, in the march towards modernity. From the closure of the fields to the Industrial Revolution to the unintended results of globalisation and the IT Revolution, there have been winners and losers amid the social upheaval.

He likened it to a four-legged funeral bier, said it was inauspicious, but later he grew accustomed both to the chairs and the table; he declared that he thought and wrote better this way.

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All very interesting, but no, I did not really enjoy this book. The middle section, however, loses momentum. When I said this I had nothing to support it, no particular theory in mind, nothing at all but a desire to answer his question as he wished, perhaps because I sensed instinctively that he would enjoy the game. He was surprised. The rupture that comes in the concluding attempt to reach the unattainable, i. Fishpond: The White Castle Probably not available at your local bookshop. I have read the majority of his books, give or take, and he is not an author you can count on to repeat himself every time.

One of his books, The New Life, really surprised me by being almost Ballardian in style. Oddly surreal. So you never know. Like Like. By: roughghosts on March 20, at pm. By: Lisa Hill on March 20, at pm. Like Liked by 1 person.

I do like the fact, though, that he varies his work. By: whisperinggums on March 20, at pm.

Fair enough … I probably have Many will probably end up at the Lifeline Bookfair here. Much appreciated, thank you. By: Lisa Hill on March 21, at am.

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I went to Turkey a few years ago and decided I must read Orhan Pamuk. I loved Snow, it was first of his novels I read. Unfortunately from then on all his books went downhill for me.

I think Pamuk drags out his writing in novels and this novella, The White Castle. And certainly the other two almost qualify as chunksters. Love this! The White Castle. Orhan Pamuk. Read more. Related Articles. The New Life Orhan Pamuk.

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The Black Book Orhan Pamuk. Free to join Discover Faber Membership. The perks Exclusive Members' events Curated gifts and merchandise Literary news and competitions. Sign up Sign up. First Name. The events of this story take place in 17th century Istanbul. The story is about a young Italian scholar sailing from Venice to Naples who is taken prisoner by the Ottoman Empire. Soon after, he becomes the slave of a scholar known as Hoja master , a man who is about his own age, and with whom he shares a strong physical resemblance.

Hoja reports to the Pasha , who asks him many questions about science and the world. Gradually Hoja and the narrator are introduced to the Sultan , for whom they eventually design an enormous iron weapon.

The White Castle

The slave is told to instruct the master in Western science and technology, from medicine to astronomy. But Hoja wonders why he and his slave are the persons they are and whether given knowledge of each other's most intimate secrets, they could actually exchange identities. He takes the transcript, fascinated by its presence in such a place. During his breaks from work, he begins trying to find a source for the tale, hoping to authenticate its events and author. He is able to connect the author to Italy, but is unable to make any further progress.

An acquaintance tells him that manuscripts such as the one he found could be found throughout the many old, wooden houses of Istanbul, mistaken for ancient Korans, and left venerated and unread. With some encouragement, he decides to publish the manuscript. The preface ends with Faruk noting that the publisher chose the title of the book, and a remark on the nature of modern readers will try to connect the dedication to his sister to the tale that follows.

See metafiction. The story proper begins with an unnamed narrator being captured by the Turkish fleet while sailing from Venice to Naples. When the captain hesitates, the ship is taken, and the narrator and his fellows are captured. The narrator, fearing for his life, claims to be a doctor. During his imprisonment, he is brought before the pasha, and cures him of his shortness of breath.

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Though he is still a slave, he begins to gain preferential treatment among the slaves and prison guards. When prisoners from Spain arrive, he tries to get word of home, to no avail. He is surprised when the man he is to work with looks the same as he. He is surprised when Hoja tries to tout a poorly translated copy of Almageist, which receives a lukewarm reaction from the narrator.

After the wedding, the pasha offers the narrator his freedom under the condition that he convert to Islam. When he refuses, a mock execution is staged to pressure him.