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B1 [ C ] the mind and mental abilities :. You need a clear head to be able to drive safely.


What put that idea into your head? Why didn't you use your head and cover the furniture before you started painting? Add up the column of figures in your head and then tell me what the sum is. Her words kept running through my head. She doesn't have an original thought in her head - she just repeats anything that Sara says. I need to get some fresh air to clear my head.

B1 [ C ] someone in charge of or leading an organization , group , etc. I think she'll be head of this company in five year's time - I'd stake my reputation on it. May I remind you, children , that I'm the head of the family and I am in charge around here. As the European heads of state gathered , the press were allowed in for a photo session.

The Queen is the head of the Church of England. Janet is now a departmental head. People in charge of or controlling other people. C2 [ S ] the top part or beginning of something:. Her name was printed at the head of the letter. This beer's flat. It's got no head on it. You've hit the nail right on the head.

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Place the head of the club just behind the ball. He pushed his way to the head of the queue. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Tools. Flowers - general words. Parts of watercourses. Payment methods. Grammar Heads.

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Idioms a head of steam. I was heading out of the room when she called me back. We were heading towards Kumasi when our truck broke down. They looked as if they were heading for the train station. We're going to stop off in Paris for a couple of days before heading south. The country seems to be heading towards revolution.

Head towards the station until you come to a set of traffic lights. They headed north on the M6. General words for movement. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Advancing and moving forward. B2 [ T ] to be in charge of a group or organization :. She heads one of Britain's leading travel firms.

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Judge Hawthorne was chosen to head the team investigating the allegations of abuse. The inquiry will be headed by Lord Jones, sometime editor of the 'Daily News'. Professor Norris will head the new research unit. He has been asked to head the official inquiry into police misconduct.

She heads the company's publicity department. The management team is headed by Stephen Jones. Managing and organizing. C1 [ T ] to be at the front or top of something:. The royal carriage headed the procession. Jo's name headed the list of candidates. Ahead, in front and beyond. Simply squeeze the trigger to unlock the head and rotate it using only your hand. This allows precise control over the camera focus.

For added stability, the position can be locked in after you've found the right coordinates. Capturing your desired shots becomes easier when you have tools to match the necessary techniques.

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