The Pardon (Jack Swyteck, Book 1)

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Good but not exceptional. John Grisham has nothing to worry about readers not buying his books,but buying James Grippando' s instead! View 1 comment. Jul 12, Dan rated it really liked it. The debut novel from an author named as being the next John Grisham.

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While "The Pardon"'s storyline and quick reading are similar to most of Grisham's work, it's the delivery of the material that reminded me not of Grisham, but of the book "Needful Things" by Stephen King. James Patterson was quoted as saying that he read this book, all pages, in one sitting; it took me three. All-in-all, I am impressed with this author and I'm looking forward to reading his next. View 2 comments. Does his character get better? View all 5 comments. Sep 03, Amanda McGill rated it really liked it Shelves: own , I enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would! There are a lot of comparisons to John Grisham.

However, based on Goodreads reviews, a lot of Grisham fans were not too impressed by this novel. I like how The Pardon was not black and white. I liked the main character, Ja I enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would! I liked the main character, Jack, and his sense of humour.

He may not be the most likeable character, but I enjoyed reading about his not so great relationship with his girlfriend and his almost non relationship with his father. In a way, I also enjoyed the mind games that the murderer created and how he set things up. I liked getting a glimpse into his mind and seeing why he did the things that he did.

I knocked it down a star because it seemed to wrap up a bit too nicely and too conveniently. I was hoping for a bit more detective work by Jack to identity the mad man. Apr 11, Cindy rated it really liked it. Excellent plot and characterizations. Like series. Well narrated and recommended. Aug 31, Pat rated it really liked it. This is the first James Grippando book I have read and - wow, how gripping. And this is the author's first book! A young lawyer gets caught in a deadly game with an unknown enemy. As he tries to extricate himself his every move seems to just tighten the noose around his neck.

More people are sucked into this vortex until it seems there is no escape.

The Girl in the Glass Box

The pacing is relentless. I read it in a day.

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An innocent man is executed, and a guilty man is set free. Grippando gets things off to a fast start. Jack Swytek is estranged from his father, now the governor, who had been elected on a law-and-order platform, promising to expedite executions. Barely two hours before the electrocution of Fernandez, Jack is visited by a man in a ski mask who, insisting on lawyer-client confidentiality, shows him proof that Fernandez is innocent because he, himself, is the killer.

Then Goss is killed and the governor and Jack are being setup for his murder. Usually, in a case like this, the premise is undermined by illogical actions of the characters. The best legal dramas have great courtroom scenes. Unfortunately, the courtroom scenes were but a small portion of the book. The plot is ingenious and tricky, although how the killer manages to be in some of those places had me buffaloed. And I knocked off a star for a ludicrous ending. I had hoped for something much more subtle and intelligent. Oct 01, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: lawyer , suspense , legal-thriller , poltics-politicians , library , mystery-thriller , psychopaths-killers.

Fantastic and attention holding.

The Pardon

A wonderful start to for this series. I mist definitely will be continuing on. Fast paste from the first page. Jul 19, Peggy rated it liked it. Jack Swyteck is a lawyer working for an innocence group. The problem is he is also the estranged son of the tough-on-crime governor of Florida. Governor Harry Swyteck denies the plea and the man is electrocuted. Immediately after these two miscarriages of justice, man begins stalking and threatening Jack and simultaneously blackmailing and threatening his father.

This mystery man frames Jack for a murder and now Jack is on trial for his life. Eventually father and son must come together to fight this maniac who claims that both the governor and Jack are guilty of the murder of the executed man and now they must pay. This is a good start for the Jack Swyteck series. So I actually listened to this one for a book club. I didn't see that in the description at all! So I did try and scan through some of the book to see if I missed anything. The stuff that I did read didn't seem all that significant.

Convos were cut short by a TON and some completely gone but I still got the gist of it all. I'm not su So I actually listened to this one for a book club. I'm not sure what future books entail but the epilogue in the book wasn't part of the audio. In all, I liked the story and the characters so I will probably continue with the series. Mar 06, Jenna rated it it was ok Shelves: book-group-books.

I would recommend this to people who like reading thrillers starring lawyers. Grisham, Patterson, Scottoline, etc. View all 8 comments. Jun 02, Robin Thomsen rated it it was amazing. Found myself another author to read. Thoroughly engrossing. Kept me guessing. Feb 24, Hapzydeco rated it liked it. This first book in the series establishes the background of the characters. While several of the twists and turns may seem unbeliveable, the courtroom drama plus the ending should keep a reader fully engrossed. Aug 25, Kelly rated it really liked it. I have a four month old infant who still gets up in the middle of the night to eat.

I have recently read a few books that would almost instantly put me back to sleep. This one however kept my attention even at 4 AM! I loved the Jack and Harry conflict throughout this book. It is sad to think that a father and son would have such a poor relationship for so long and over such a "silly" thing. However, it really made the story that much more gripping when the "bad guy" played on the damaged relation I have a four month old infant who still gets up in the middle of the night to eat.

However, it really made the story that much more gripping when the "bad guy" played on the damaged relationship. I liked it. It kept the characters more realistic and impulsive because all of love triangles make fore interesting stories. OK, maybe not all but this one did. The "killer" was ruthless! I loved that he was so cold and heartless.

The author kept his identity a mystery until the very end. I was so glad he ended up not being any of the characters I liked because I would have cried. The ending had a little twist at the end that I found a little cheesy. It was just a little too far fetched for me to believe. Still a great book. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages.

Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Beyond Suspicion. Book 2. Last to Die. Book 3. In an exciting new series that critics have called "John Grisham meets Robert Ludlum," Miami criminal defense lawyer Jack Swyteck faces his biggest challenge yet.

Hear No Evil. Book 4. Miami attorney Jack Swyteck is involved in the most explosive criminal trial of his career -- a case that starts with a murder on a military base and concludes with a shocking surprise that will change Jack's life forever. Got the Look. Book 5. When Darkness Falls. Book 6. In the latest novel from the bestselling author whom critics have called "the thriller writer to watch," lawyer Jack Swyteck tackles a case in which the life of his best friend hangs in the balance—and in which nothing is as it seems.

More in domestic fiction. A Dark Devotion. Clare Francis. A criminal lawyer returns home to investigate the disappearance of the wife of an old family friend—and soon discovers a web of secrets and betrayals darker than she could have imagined Grace Dearden is a woman so beautiful and virtuous that no one would dare question her excellence or standing in the community. A tale of politics and scandal, adultery and betrayal, this thriller—perfect for fans of Gone Girl—delights in unlocking a deep family secret that has plagued the Deardens for years.

Sliver Moon. Jay Brandon.

When D. Chris Sinclair and his beloved, Anne Greenwald, accept an invitation to visit Anne's estranged father, they expect a strange weekend. She and Chris expect some awkwardness over the fact that when Anne needed him, her father wasn't there for her. But all they can agree on is their disagreement. The man she saw commit murder is released.

Anne knows what she saw, and also knows that if she's to convince anyone, she first must convince the man she loves. She turns up some nasty surprises as she gets closer to the truth, while Chris uses his legal pull to try and uncover leads that might have been buried in the media frenzy over this case. Chris will have to shake the pillars of the justice system to bring the truth to light in a case with ramifications that reach to the very highest levels of Texas government. But even if he can somehow ferret out the truth from the mound of lies, secrets, and dirty politics that shroud this case, it might be harder yet to repair the breach of Anne's trust.

No Time for Goodbye: A Thriller.

Linwood Barclay. Fourteen-year-old Cynthia Bigge woke one morning to discover that her entire family—mother, father,brother—had vanished. No note, no trace, no return. Cynthia is happily married with a young daughter, a new family. Someone has stolen the only person John Smith ever loved—his twin brother, Cannon. Johnny will stop at nothing to get him back, but Cannon doesn't feel the same way anymore. He's married now, and he loves his wife. In a desperate effort to avoid Johnny's destructive brotherly affections, Cannon enlists the aid of Sarah Fortune, a lawyer who has turned helping the needy and eccentric into something of an art form.

I've read them, so that I can tell you about them.

Sarah hides Cannon's wife for him, but she cannot quite trust Cannon's judgment. Is Johnny truly intent on inflicting unendurable pain on the woman who has hijacked his brother's affections? Sarah doesn't really believe in evil, and it is this lack of faith that makes her shockingly vulnerable … Fans of Ruth Rendell and Julia Spencer-Fleming will love this atmospheric psychological thriller. House on Fire: A Novel.

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